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Services and Price List

Forgiveness Coaching sessions:

Forgiveness is at the core of healing every aspect of your life, reduced to the most simple definition, it is a shift in perception that releases you from a past event. Forgiveness therapy is the process of releasing karmic energy that has been keeping you stuck due to a traumatic or shocking past event. It allows you to process your emotions, release resentment and integrate a new story to define your future, rather than being defined by what has already happened to you. It only takes a shift in perception to unleash the growth and progress in your life, no matter how stuck or confused you may feel.

In the Forgiveness sessions we start by identifying what is holding you back and what needs to be released. We shift through new perceptions of reality and express, release old negative and dense emotions to make room for new positive and uplifting emotions.

1 session (1 hour and 30 minutes)  £120
4 sessions (1 hour and 30 minutes each) £440

Law of Attraction coaching sessions:

Law of Attraction is life itself. Regardless of whether you understand the principles of our existence, life happens to all of us, just like gravity keeps us "grounded". The Law of Attraction sessions are meant to help you understand the principles of your reality and your input to it, so that you can adjust, amend and cancel what you do not like in your reality. 

Law of attraction is not about chasing outcomes, but rather a tuning fork for our inner frequencies, so that we can attract easier things that resonate with our happiness, rather than our sadness. If you can hold within you the core frequencies of your desires, they will flow to you with ease and speed. I help you stop chasing and attracting that what belongs to you, but seems out of reach due to current confusion.

1 session (1 hour and 30 minutes)  £120
4 sessions (1 hour and 30 minutes each) £440

Allow your Success coaching sessions:

In these sessions we choose a clear goal you would like to achieve and we work together to identify the necessary steps and adjustments in order for you to achieve them. We work with mental patterns, emotional reaction and actions, to help you achieve anything you set your mind to. Together we identify your hidden blockages so that you can dissolve them and implement new behaviours that are more in tune with what you want to achieve, be or do.

These sessions are a great support for those who feel confused or unmotivated, as it provides an accountability partner that helps you stay on track and overcome procrastination. 

1 session (1 hour and 30 minutes)  £120
4 sessions (1 hour and 30 minutes each) £440

Tarot session - Energy reading:

I use tarot as a therapy tool, rather than just predicting the future. With this divination tool I decode your current energy, emotional and mental blocks, things that are hidden in your subconscious and what you need to let go. Based on the current energy we can see the possible outcome that you are contributing to. Remember that you have free will and you have the power to change any possible outcome that is not meant for your highest good. 

There are also events that are meant for your spiritual growth and evolution, these events are important keys in your destiny, so the tarot helps you understand how to navigate with more ease through such life events. How to focus on learning the lesson and accepting what is, so that you do not have to experience the same events over and over.

1 session (1 hour and 30 minutes)  £120

Tarot session - General reading:

In this type of tarot session we do a quick energy reading to understand your current energy and then look through different aspects of your life that you are interested in, like: health, relationships, career, future, certain questions you may have or predicting the next few months.

1 session (1 hour and 330 minutes)  £120

Tarot session - Monthly reading:

This reading is focusing on the month's energy, the lessons, obstacles you may need to face, opportunities coming your way and anything else that you may need to know about the next month.

1 session (45 minutes)  £70

Tarot session - Emergency reading:

This reading focuses on your most urgent circumstance that you are enquiring about. This type of reading is useful if you are at a crossroad or in a confusing state, this aims to help you understand, decode and discern the implications of your decisions and next steps forward.

1 session (45 minutes)  £70

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