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Sleep as manifesting tool

Just before you fall asleep your conscious and subconscious mind meet

Sleep is so important for our body, mind and soul. When you sleep your whole body regenerates easier, your mind steps out of the way and your soul reconnect to the higher source to recharge.

Just before falling asleep your conscious mind and subconscious mind meet for a few moments. The conscious mind is the male element that impregnates the subconscious the female element. The way this happens is not through force, it is through your feelings.

The feeling is when your thought and emotion agree on something. If you think a thought that creates worry, than together they create a feeling of unease. If you think a thought that excites you, than your feeling is full of eager anticipation. They feeling implement beliefs into your subconscious mind. That is why, some of the most important part of your day are just before falling asleep and right after waking up.

The way I fall asleep and the way I wake up influences my mood.

Become conscious of these moments and implement new habits. Avoid falling asleep with the TV on, or avoid social media platforms for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep or after you woke up. Avoid letting others to tell you where your attention should go and instead be the one deciding what's best for you. Give your subconscious mind a deliberate focus point and it will do the background adjustments. Your subconscious mind is like google, a search engine that holds all the answers, it's up to you what you put in the search bar.

Tools before falling asleep

1. Never skip the evening shower, not because you have to clean your body, but because the water cleans your energy cords that got attached to you throughout the day.

It even makes you feel lighter, just because of those energies being washed down.

2. In the shower say Thank You for all the good things that happened during the day and for helping you pull through what was difficult.

3. In the shower Say I am cutting all the energy cords attached to me. I release all the energy that is not mine and call back by energy from past, present or future worries.

4. Write your wish on a piece of paper and put it under the pillow. You don't have to read it every night, but do it in the first 7 days. After a while just the simple action of laying your head on the paper will remind your mind of your wish.

5. Fall yourself to sleep repeating slowly like a lullaby the following word: Success. It is general enough so your mind will not resist to it and in the same time Success means successful living (peaceful, happy, joyest, doing what you love to do. your subconscious will know.

6. Some people prefer falling asleep hearing some background noises, better to choose some meditation music or guided meditation rather than random stuff on TV. There are plenty of short guided meditations on Youtube for all sorts of needs. You can choose to fall asleep listening to one. Make sure it doesn't have ads throughout the video.

7. Create your own routine based on how easy it is for you to stick to it. Don't make it too complex and difficult as it will make you quite easy. Take it easy and adapt on the way. Always trust your improved feeling of ease.

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