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Feel your wish into existence. Your wish is here to take you further than you ever dreamed before. Your wings will grow and you will find freedom through authentic self expression.

Welcome to your first step of the conscious manifestation process.

We all manifest things into our lives in two ways. Either we WISH them or we FEAR them. We LOVE them or we HATE them. We ALLOW them or we RESIST them. Basically at the root of any physical manifestation there is a thought with an emotional charge attached to it.

The emotional charge we attach to thoughts is based on our personal experience and beliefs we created along the way. For me a cat represents calmness and happiness because I grew up having cats, so I project my happy moments into an image of a cat. For others cats are a projection of fear, they see them as cruel and cold creatures, unable to love or even spooky. The reality of what a cat is, an expression of nature, is irrelevant to us, as for us reality is what we decide it to be.

A practice to slowly release all the negative judgments:

The fact is that "cats" are creatures of nature just like any other animal, striving to survive and reproduce. My opinion is that "cats" are bad, but my opinion is just one side of the overall story. Nothing is 100% Bad or 100% Good.

The "Cat" in the above statement must be changed with the object you fear or something that is creating you distress. The only way to become in charge of how we manifest, is to learn to turn what scares us into indifference, neutral opinion. If something triggers you, than that something is using you as a puppet, not the other way around.

When your fears decide your path, than you are not manifesting deliberately, you are just avoiding pain and growth. When you let go of fear, you start feeling good. When you feel good anything is possible.

Aim as high as you can and keep going higher and higher.

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't Big enough."

When we were children we could dream about anything without restrictions until the grownups or even our society explained to us why we can't do it. They hypnotized us into believing we aren't good enough. They installed all sorts of labels in our mind, such as. Boys wishes or Girls wishes. They presented us with the rule of labeling stuff based on what they experienced, unaware that the child is born to become who he/she really wants to, a child is born into this reality to experience it on his own, not to relive their parent's lives.

The older we get, the more filters we have installed, the lower we dare to dream.

We forget that the main ingredient in life to follow is JOY, not what others think we can or must do, but what brings us joy and happiness.

They hypnotize us into the false belief that if you go to find your happiness, then you are selfish. That if you think less of yourself it's a virtue, and being proud of who you are is a vice - "immoral or wicked behaviour". When in fact is the other way around.

When a new born needs something he doesn't wait for permission to cry, he doesn't wait to be worthy to ask for his needs to be met, he doesn't think he is selfish. He cries when he needs something and smiles when his needs are met. That's the simplicity of life, "the baby that cries doesn't get food."

As we are grownups and our ways expression have evolve, we no longer have to cry for what we need. We just have to wish for it. It took me 35 years to allow myself to play with the idea of writing. But once this desire has finally bloomed in my mind, I just couldn't stop it. When something is really what you need, nothing and no one can tell you otherwise. Luckily not even you, because your desire will not let you.

If you dare to dream big enough, only the simple idea created in your mind will make you dizzy and happy without reason. You will be so satisfied that you allowed yourself to acknowledge your desire, that the inception of this idea is as rewarding as the completion of it. No completion is important enough, without the inception itself being a cathartic release. This release of intense emotions gives you wings and brings completion to you. If we wouldn't fear its completion or doubt it, this could come to us as quick as an Amazon Prime order.

Stay as much as you can in the satisfaction of discovering your desire and then finish your desire with "I want this or something better." Sometimes what we desire today is old news tomorrow, that is why we have to leave the door open for growth and upgrade of desire. Each desire represents our moment's allowance or self awareness. Yesterday having a good paid job was the most I could dream of, today I dream to be a writer, who knows what tomorrow might bring. All I know, the how is not important, but the what do I really want is important.

A Wish Is Born

When you don't like something or when you do like something that's when your wish is born.

From here you can take the path of least resistance by following positive emotions and inspiration no matter how many times you fail, or you can take a more challenging path, by denying/resisting your wish with doubt and fear.

They say that a scientist has to accept that 99% of their career is made of failure and only 1% success. They know that each failure takes them closer to fulfillment, and the more they fail the more drive they have to keep going. So, don't get discouraged of the idea of failure, and commit that no matter what you will stay focused on feeling good along the way.

Fears are desires in disguise

If you fear poverty, your inner desire is financial abundance. If you fear illness, your inner desire is health. Depending on where you place your focus that's what you attract.

If you fear illness, turn your attention to everything that is healthy in you, so you can grow more health. If you place your attention to your illnesses, you will grow more illness.

Physical illness, poverty and sadness are all illnesses created by negative energy trapped into our bodies. Every single cell of our body encapsulates all our history, so what you see today is product of the past emotional states. If you want to change your future's outlook, you have to change your present emotional state, before outside circumstances change.

The way you feel today designs your future. You can change your future only in the NOW. Don't fight with the now, don't run away from it, because the sooner you accept where you are, the faster you'll get where you want to be.

A channeled Angel message for this article:

As you work towards achieving your goals you are constantly manifesting wealth and abundance for yourself and your loved ones. Know that the work, will and effort you are putting towards achieving your goals and serving your soul purpose are being encouraged and supported by the Angels.

What do you really want? Is it Love, is it freedom?

Practice now how love feels, act like you are financially independent and dream what you could build with your money, see yourself healthy and happy. Make believe like a child, and not only you will entertain yourself in the NOW but you will also design your future from a space of happiness and fulfillment. You will enjoy the ride and the completion.

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