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Switch yourself to receiving mode

Feel the NOW as main ingredient to your desired future

Think good and good follows. Think bad and bad follows. You are what you think all day.

Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. It accepts what your conscious mind agrees on. A great way of focusing on the good is feeling grateful for what you already have. Your health, your bed, your food on the table, your friend, family and pets. Just be grateful and miracles will follow into your life. Stay positive, release the addiction to the evil psychology and adopt the good psychology by always looking for opportunities just exactly where you are. NOW is all you need to design your future. In the NOW is all your treasure and power, don't ignore it, embrace it.

"The quicker you are alright with where you are NOW, the faster you will get where you WANT to be."

No matter your practice or routine you decide to use to put yourself in receiving mode, make sure you accompany it with a SMILE. Smile, even when you feel under the weather or unhappy. The simple action of smiling releases chemicals that will lower your blood pressure, stimulate your immune system and lift your mood.

Your intense desire is your asking. Meditation is listening for the answer. If you keep asking for what you desire and you don't listen, then you will not hear the prompt divine inspiration.

Any action that calms your mind and connects you to your inner self is called meditation. Is the way we connect to our Higher Source, with God.

You can meditate by focusing on your breathing.

You can meditate doing Yoga.

You can meditate walking through the forest, listening to a song that brings you joy while you walk.

We can receive inspiration while we are totally engaged in mundane tasks, as the resistance is low.

"You hear with your ears, you listen with your emotions."

Your emotions are your inner barometer

When less positive emotions come to surface do not suppress them. Don't get upset with yourself when they come to surface. They are your tool into healing. Doctors always look for symptoms in patients because that's what shows them what they are dealing with.

The same is with our emotions. They come to surface because you've started inner deep cleaning. They come to surface for acknowledgment. Most of the times they come as a result to a question, holding the answer within that emotional state.

Allow them to be. Practice in your mind: "I allow, soften and release all the tensions within me". Even if you get too carried away by your emotions, be kind to yourself and any time you can step out of them do it. Sometimes going to sleep is the path of least resistance to them.

Answers come in all sorts of ways

Your answer an Inspiration that comes in unexpected forms. It comes through a song, in a movie, in the words of a stranger, from a random conversation with someone or even in mental flashes or feelings. When you ask for guidance, a lead will always follow.

Sometimes we can do an exercise of not speaking to much and learn to listen to those around us. Get engaged, ask question and listen for the answer. Listen and understand with your feelings, because talking to your higher self is similar to any conversation you have with any human being. The better you become in listening the faster you will get the guidance you've been looking for.

Positive affirmations to activate receiving mode

1. I am ready for the next step.

2. I nurture and welcome the new in my life.

3. My JOY always leads me home.

4. I am ready to accept all the blessings of the Universe. 5. I recognise my beauty and that of others.

6. I release all resentment to myself and other. I wish everyone all the blessings of life.

7. I become one with what I want.

8. If I want it I can have it. If I want it I can please myself with the wanting of it even before it manifests. I am having fun.

9. I am happy, healthy and abundant.

10. I believe that the subconscious power which gave me this desire is now fulfilling it through me.

Get Inspired

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