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You are being guided! Trust your steps forward!

Today’s collective message is about The New Beginning we so much crave for. Yes, it is on its way to you, don’t even have a doubt about it. All is happening right now, is that you are being prepared to enter a new level of your existence, which requires some adjustments and collaborative components to align. The Universal energies are working with you and for you, regardless of how negatively charged you may feel or perceive your current circumstance. You are currently helped to release old negativity from your life, so you can actively pursue your dreams and goals. This is an encouragement from your Angels and Spirit guides to feel determined and motivated to pursue your passions.

What you are guided in the NOW is to take your first steps forward, before knowing clearly where you are heading to, but knowing clearly what needs to be left behind. To be more specific, it’s like knowing you need to leave behind a job, a relationship or a house, but not really knowing where you are heading to. You just feel it like an inner call to action and a level of discomfort within current reality. Disclaimer: Don’t throw yourself into changes before understanding the consequences, but rather assess what steps can be taken towards something before you know the whole itinerary. Know that your steps are guided by your inner being and that all you need will be presented at the right time and in the best possible way for you and everyone involved. Your duty is to keep going forward.

Your current frustration is making sure you won’t miss your opportunity when it presents itself.

What may be confusing in these moments, is that the strong inner calling is pulling you in a direction that apparently is inaccessible to you from where you are standing. Simply put: you know you should be somewhere else, but you don’t really know where and how you are going to get there. This may get you really frustrated, but this is a great place to be and it needs to be acknowledged.

Why? Because it will fuel you into action when the right time presents itself.

How to work through discomfort? Become a detective, investigate and review!

The more you accept the current discomfort, and you learn the lesson is bringing you, the sooner you will be ready to step forward in faith that your inner being is guiding you to where you should be. How to do this?

First step is Radical Acceptance of what Is. Stop arguing with reality and start asking questions. What can I do with what I have right now? If I cannot control something it means it needs to be there for now, it doesn't necessarily mean it will always have to be this way. As an example of not accepting vs radical acceptance: If you were a smoker, probably you would say you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself from smoking more than 3 hours straight. If you were left in a waiting room full of strangers, with not much to do, you would straight away focus your attention towards your smoking craving and start assessing all the options you have to go out for a quick smoke. The more you crave it and cannot act on it, the more you feel the discomfort of what you are currently doing in relation to what you would rather do. But if we put you on a plane flying for 12-15 hours, because you already Radically Accepted the company’s “ No smoking! “ rule, the less you hold resistance to the idea of not smoking for a number of hours. Why? Because your analytical mind and Ego have already accepted that smoking on a plane is not an option and it’s no point in focusing on it. You would still crave the smoking, but your focus will be directed towards other stuff that you can control on the plane to make the time pass. If such an addictive compulsion, like smoking, can be tempered by this temporary radical acceptance. Then we can at least try to radically accept anything that we cannot change, at least for a period of time that will allow us to focus on finding new alternatives within our control, that before were invisible to us.

Second step is seeing what is as an opportunity, preparing you for your destination.

Activate your observer self and Observe not Judge your discomfort. Become your own detective, investigate with curiosity and review your perspective. Ask yourself the following questions: “What do I feel right now?” “What do I truly feel underneath this first emotion?” “How is this circumstance restricting me from moving forward?” “Why would I put myself through this? What is this trying to tell me?” “How could I see this in a different way?” Asking this type of questions will stir up the momentum of Denser Energy being released, through becoming more conscious and less attached to the ego point of view of what you are experiencing. Remember you are collecting data, just as if you would collect puzzle pieces. Trust that they will fit in a bigger picture, which already exists on an energetical level, but you cannot see it just yet. Don’t judge the puzzle piece, take it as it is and trust it will fit in when time is right.

Third step is If you Feel it, you heal it! Where you are right now, you feel detached enough from your past versions of yourself, but not ready yet to act on starting something you really want and dream of. It is that moment when you can’t fully understand whether you feel anxious or excited. Whether the emotional wave you are feeling is pushing you forward or holding you back. You know you lack a lot of information and you cannot see more than 2 steps forward.

When you feel debilitated by your current experience and confusion, know that it is time to Slow Down and Immerse within, to understand what you are feeling and thinking. As soon as you can name your feelings and thoughts from the observer point of view, without becoming them, then you will become aware of how they manipulate and restrict your current perspective, and implicitly restricting your reality. The event is not the problem, your reaction and interpretation is hurting or holding you back.

Two different people can experience the same thing and have different interpretations. Your perspective is empowering or dis-empowering you. Either way, the event is there to trigger an emotional reaction so it can wake you up to your true inner calling. It is making you aware of your own insecurities, so you can work through them. Without the Divine push, your Ego will never willingly push you through a change that challenges its own insecurities. The human mind is always trying to push you away from pain to pleasure. But the Ego doesn't understand that some level of growing pain in the now, is necessary to maintain future pleasure. It’s always your spirit that is searching for this type of challenging experiences. The Ego is lazy and doesn’t really like change, even when it is sitting in an uncomfortable circumstance. Like George Costanza (Seinfeld sitcom) replied when he was asked why he isn’t calling off his engagement: “I would rather live unhappy the rest of my life, than to put myself through this (calling it off).” This is a typical Ego response.

Acknowledge that you feel, scared, confused, unprepared, unsure. But know that no matter what happens, you just must keep going on. Always focus on your next step. Embrace the idea that not doing it at all, is worse than failing at it. So, Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Forth step is letting go of your worries and hand it over to the Divine, Angels, Universe, Higher Self or how you want to name it.

Once you acknowledged what is and the opportunity it is bringing you, it is time to Surrender all your worries and fears to the Angels. Practice the following affirmations to self-hypnotise yourself into a peaceful state: “I surrender all my fears and worries to my Angels to transmute them into positive energy. I am releasing all expectations that are draining me of my energy and happiness. I am protected. I am loved. I am worthy. I am enough. I am ready to let go of the old and embrace the new. I am ready for the next step. For the Highest Good of Everyone in the Best Way Possible! Yes, Please!”

Fifth step is Act on it!

Even when you feel like you are standing all alone in front of a big mountain to climb, you are actually surrounded by all sorts of layers of energy working in your support. Some are visible and others invisible to your eye. Regardless of whether you are aware of them or not, they are working on your behalf.

When you embarked on this spiritual journey in a human body, your Spirit has put together all the energies, cycles, events and people that your life experience required. Because you created the blueprint of your story, you already hold within all the answers you seek. That is how the inner calling is guiding you. Open your arms wide and accept the support of the Universe. Nurture your inner world with patience, understanding, compassion and unconditional love. Allow this strong energy to lead you on your path. Allow yourself to blossom regardless of the outside conditions, because you know you are the source of your inner experience. And the better you feel within, the quicker you will move into new supporting events moving you forward.

Observe how each action of yours has some meaning into the collective energy. How you can imprint your positive energy in your surroundings and how quick they respond with support. Observe your progress regardless of how small or big. Seek movement forward, not perfectionism. Because the beauty of life stands in the smallest of details and imperfections.

Take a deep breath, exhale slowly and step forward with curiosity and joy. Be grateful for the opportunity of your existence. Seek understanding and share your gained wisdom with those around you. What happens to you matters because what happens to you, happens to everyone around you.

"If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand." Bob Proctor


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