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Live your best life 

Alchemy in the palm of your hand

Your desire is your asking.

Your faith is your magic spell.

Your expectation is your allowing.



the Art of Deliberate Manifestation

If you feel exhausted and lost, it means that it is time to give yourself a break and instead allow the Universe to work "hard" on your behalf. Just because you can struggle, it doesn't mean you have to.

How you feel today will determine your tomorrow. Step into your power and allow the Universe to amaze you.


allow your success

overcome your challenges

with courage and determination

Do you belong to your thoughts, or do your thoughts belong to you? 


We all have 2 wolves within us, one is "Bad" (negative emotions, thinking, actions) and one is "Good" (positive emotions, thinking, actions). They are there for a reason.

If you acknowledge, understand and integrate both, you can create a balance within that will enhance your life and allow success from within to without.

forgiveness therapy

The Healing through Letting Go of Pain

Are you defining your own story, or is the outside that controls your narrative.


The truth is that we all have been hurt by someone or something in our life, and if the pain of that hurt has not been integrated correctly. It stays active in our subconscious mind, creating our story on our behalf until we correct it. 

Our own perception is the key to ending suffering and allowing healing, expansion and love. Don't let your hurt define you, raise above it and let it empower you.
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

Rewrite your ending to change the whole story


tarot and oracles

remembering what you already know

with the help of divination tools

If you are a self fulfilling prophecy, what is your legacy?


When you feel lost or confused asking for help or guidance is your first step towards clarity. The tarot and oracle cards are not here to predict your future, but rather to help you understand your present.
The best way to predict your future is by creating it in the present. What you do today will be your legacy tomorrow.


I help you use them as tools to expand your perspective of self and what is happening around you, so you can identify what needs changing. Reading your energy is like taking your energetic pulse. You create the pulse.

Divination tools bring to your awareness what is already alive within you

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